Habit bring bottled of water while in travel or go to anywhere may not become a trend in society. When thirsty in the middle of the road, most of us prefer to buy a bottle of soft drink tea or soda or mineral water.

Needs of the body fluids will not be debated. Fluid is important thing to make metabolism in our body work with balance. When the fluid in the body is not balanced with the expenditure, then you will be experiencing interference or dehydration.

We should choose a good drink and do not pose a risk to health. One of the best white water course is, despite this fact liquids rather less popular drink heavily and colorfull water circulating in the market.

Now that your property does not underestimate the white water, here are six facts about how scientific habits of white water to drink enough each day it is important for the body.

1. Maintain body fluid balance.
Medical facts indicate the human body consists of 60% liquid. Functions of the liquid is for digestion progress, absorption, circulation, sputum production, transportation and nutrition to maintain body temperature.

2. Help to control calories.
Since long, people who are in a diet program to do a lot of drinking habits of white water as a strategy lose weight. Although water does not produce magical effects, use it as a beverage high berkalori of course will be very helpful.
"Diet program will be successful if you choose to drink water or non-calorie drinks as a substitute for the calories. Then the diet with foods rich in a more healthful liquids, contain and help you cut calories, "said researchers from the State University of Pennsylvania Barbara Rolls, PhD, author book The Volumetrics Weight Control Plan.

3. Help raise muscle.
Cells that are not able to maintain the balance of fluid and electrolyte will be, will result in muscle fatigue. When muscle cells do not have enough fluid, they will not function properly and abilities reduced.
Drinking water during exercise is also very important. American College of Sports Medicine recommends that two hours before exercise someone should drink 17 fluid oz.

4. Create skin still luminous.
Your skin actually contain a lot of water and function as a fortress to prevent loss of excess body fluids. However, do not hope that the excess fluid can be used as a powerful way of wrinkling of the skin line.

5. Maintaining kidney function
Body fluids is also a media mentransportasikan residue or waste to exit and entry into cells. Poison in the main body is the blood urea nitrogen, a kind of liquid that can pass for the kidney and diprose and dieksresikan of urin.
When the body has enough fluids, urin will be free flowing, clear and odor free. When the body does not have cuku fluid, the concentration of urin, color and odor will be more obvious because the kidneys have to absorb the extra liquid to function. No wonder when you drink a little water, the risk of kidney stones you have will be increased, especially in warm or hot climate.

6. Maintain normal bowel function.
Feed liquid that will be enough to make food that can be dissolved through a channel flow smoothly and prevent the occurrence of cosntipation. When you do not have enough fluids, bowel will absorb fluids from feces feses or to keep the hidration. Consequently, of course, dispose of your water will be problematic.


Hi Mario!
Quite a fascinating blog you got there =)
I think the availability of water is beeing taken for granted to easily in general. It will be quite interesting to see what happens if water ressources will run dry (as it slowly happens to oil), though I honestly hope that no one of us will ever see that day.
Keep up the good work!
Cheers, Markus

Interesting blog, I must say. :)

I used to dislike white water, used to prefer can drinks over plain water. Now, I realise that drinking white water actually make me healthier.

Keep up the good work!

Very nice blog you have here, Mario!
Uma mensagem valiosa.
Ma Jivan Prabhuta

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