Drink water is better, Some of us may know, if you consume too much caffeine will make loss of calcium in our bodies. But many people believe that caffeine is able to provide additional energy for a tired body ... but, it's perfectly wrong.

Indeed, it is difficult to determine how many doses of caffeine we can consumed, because each individual has different health. Moreover, not everyone is able to consumed soft drink every day.

For the patient of asthma, soft drink can cause shortness of breath. And we know that many people like to drink because it contains sugar, sugar is the source of calories for the body.

Maria Ahlgrimn, RPH as the founder and head of PMS resources center in the Madison Wisconsin, said the condition of women in the PMS (Pre Menstruation Syndrome) should drink lots of white water 8 glasses each day. Because, the water contains a lot of calories such as soft drink will give a bad impact and improve the symptoms of PMS.

Habits we give drink to the children is wrong, when too often it also can cause dental erosion.

Because the pro-contra of this soft drink, then a lot of producers of soft drink still retain a sense of soda by adding ion body fluid replacement.

Both have a unique individual. To replace body fluids and increase energy naturally and helps digestion. Unsure carbonization still be added but unsure Malt known to provide a positive effect on digestion.


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