Habit for drink water is important. Benefits the water is not only for bath. But the most important for us have water to drink, right?, in addition to food, water is needed by our bodies, because without water we can not survive, because water itself is part of human body composition.

According to Dr. Elvina Karyadi, Msc, nutrition experts, in the body of a man with a weight about 70 kg, the average water in the body up to 45 L. (on women, have a less water, because the composition of body fat is bigger)

The womb of a total of 45 L, about 30 L are in our body cells (intraselular), whereas in 15 L in bent cells (ekstraseluler), including the water outside the cell is water in the brain fluid, liquid eyes and nose, including in digestion.

You know?, our body have the mechanisms in maintaining the balance of Feed water entering and the exit. For example, thirst is the normal mechanism in maintaining the normal amount of water in our bodies. Water needed by the body about 2 to 2.5 L, this is equivalent to 8 to 10 glasses a day.

The importance of drinking water each day, is also biased by the number of water that is removed from the body every day through several mechanisms. It's out through urine, sweat, and also through the respiratory tract.

Our bodies will be tired when the water in the body decreased, and we have to do is fill with fluid again. However, there is a relationship between water quality and the actual response in our body.

The more activity we conduct, the water will be more decreased. Then, if someone living in tropical countries, would require more fluid because the air temperature is hot. Therefore, health experts say, do not drink just because it feels thirsty, we better have a habit to drink whenever when thirsty or not.

White water in the body also has the benefits of bringing out the dirt in the body rapidly not only through the urine, but also through sweat. For who want to deal slim the body, drinking warm water before and after eating is one factor that can burn calories.

If we are aware that water is very important for health, beauty, fitness and body, let's try to keep well. ^^


"health experts say, do not drink just because it feels thirsty, we better have a habit to drink whenever when thirsty or not."

i'll keep reminding myself of this :)

thanks for the useful information!

Thank you for the very informative blog that you post. It makes me realize that drinking of water is very important in our health. Sometimes I also drink supplement water because of the benefit that it give aside from being fit, it also provide the anti aging factor.

You have a good one too. Thanks for ur comment. Do you like water? I think u are water holic, are not u?


is interesting your blog

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