If we consue white water less than 8 glass, maybe we almost not fell the effect in the beginning.but we will take the consequences later and I’m sure about that, our body will balance it with take other liquid from the other body’s components. Especially from blood, less water is very dangerous for our body. Because, the blood will become thicker. And that make the blood’s way to transport the oxygen and food can be disturb.

That Thick blood blood will through the kidney, and we all know if kidney in our body have a job to filtering poison from the blood. Kidney have a very soft filter, so if the kidney must filter the thick blood, that kidney must doing something very hard job. Not imposible that kidney will broken someday if we just doesn’t care about that and if the kidneys broken, we must washing our blood everytime (that’s very expensive, and I’m sure all of us doesn’t want to have this problem)

that’s because less water. How lucky if you’re the man or woman who like drink white water everyday. The scientist from the Imperial College London said, if we drink 2 glass of water everyday, will increase the amount of the blood.

not only that, white water still have a many purpose for our body :

1. decrease the risk of heart attack. The experts from Loma Linda Univercity in California do the experiment with 20.000 respondent and find the conclusion if the respondents who take drink more than 5 glass of water everyday have little risk die because heart attack, than respondent who just drink water 2 glass in one day.
2. heal our body, with drink enough water when we’re in sick, the water if became the main medicine that take poison and viruses from our body through urine.
3. clean our body from poison, with drink many water, the kidney’s work will more optimal and that make the poison easier to take out from our body


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