"Why do we have to consume a lot of white water?", If the questions during this play in your mind, then in breath-in and pray before you read this words. The answer is quite chilling, but you do not need to shrink, you need to do is fill the glass with white and drinking water as much as possible.

Since you first learn biology, you understand sure that 80 percent of the human body consists of water. In fact, there are two parts of the human body has a water content above 80 per cent where both have an important role for human life, the brain and blood. The brain have as much as 90 percent water, while the water component of blood has a 95 per cent.

To maintain health, normal man must consume at least 2 white water liter a day or 8 glasses a day. However, this measure does not apply to the hobby that you smoke, you should consume the white water more than 2 liters per day. Water as it is necessary to replace the fluids that exit the body, such as urine, perspiration, and respiratory secretion.

Once you know how much water is required per our consumption, let us imagine what happens when you violate the rules, you drink less than 2 liters per day of white water. The answer is, the body will balance itself.

The body will "suck" water from the body's own components. Components starting from the closest blood. The blood will become so thick all the way to the body to become less smooth.

In the process, the kidney will be suffering. In its work to filter the poisons from the blood, it will experience difficulty must filter the blood thick. Not infrequently this will cause the blood scratch in the kidney glomerulus.

Dangerous? Maybe I think .. If you are still 'doesn’t care' and not do something to stop this thing, I recommend to prepare 40 $ per week. For what? of course, to wash the blood.

Well now you can conclude whether the leak, including the kidneys filter dangerous or not, but trust me imagine reluctant to give an envelope containing 40 $ in the doctor once every 7 days. If I save the money for one year, imagine how much money will fill your purse.

Like me, you are certainly not the start of fear, but remained focused and continue reading this words, because there is still a more dangerous again. Still remember the blood coagulate because of the need for water suck by body?
Well this time the blood flow through the brain, the way is also not good as like before the case when he pass kidney. As a result, the brain is no longer "have a fluid" .. what a good brain is not clear? but before your mind drift away, back to the row below.

Brain cells of organs is the most extravagant meals, and consume oxygen. countered blood flow can cause brain cells die quickly, or not working properly. If you also have a heart disease, the suffering more perfectly with you attack with the stroke .. hmm sound so sinister?

Thus what can I serve, sorry if I make you a cold sweat. But now you can breathe relieved as we are toward the end of this words. Now every decision in your hands, began to consume 8 glasses of water per day and white or prepare for the suffering of worldly .. its up to u…. ^^


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