scientist said, viewed from the point of of health, water, warm white is the best drink for our bodies, this water does not contain too many calories that disrupt the process of digestion. The material is warm water that can seep directly into the bloodstream and utilized by the body more optimally.
Commonly, on our drinking water is suggested that is under 30 degrees centigrade, this is the best , so will the channel intestine and stomach, and not easily make shrinking blood vessel.
Beverages that contain sugar can make the slow speed in the stomach and intestine to absorb water. In addition, drinking beverages that contain sugar for long periods can cause a bad impact for our body metabolism.
Such as orange juice, coca-cola and other drinks that contain sugar, even if it seems fresh, but will give the bad effects for the body if drunk too much, and for those who have diabetes (diabetes mellitus) or a fat person, it is recommended to better beverages that do not consume lot of water with sugar
A large number of new people often just drink when fells thirsty, or after the meal, and they drink more quickly, the way drinking is also not correct.
If you drink too fast, we have unwittingly entered a large amount of air at the same time so easy to cause a distended stomach.
Better, is holding the water in the mouth, then swallowed slowly, especially for people who have heart disease or a weak stomach, drink it with is very helpful for the absorption of fluids organs.



You have chosen a unique topic for your blog !! Was wondering how did you came out with the idea of writing about water ? :)

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