When we 40 years of age, the average total water that our consumption is already as much as 32,000 liters. Imagine if during the time the water that we drink is contaminated by bacteria and that stuff come to our body, to be sure it will be.
Are you confident with the cleanliness and health of your drinking water for this?

good water for us is….

1. clean white water
2. forming hexagonal molecul water
3. groups of water molecules which are small
4. high oxygen water
5. toxin-free water and bacteria.
6. ion has a high mineral for the body so that it can be optimal to replace the fluid lost from the body.
7. water containing natural energy (bio-life energy)

in this day, clean water is become rare thing, when people still can not refrain against water pollution and excessive exploitation, be it in the next century will be water be the goods that expensive and rare. Now if only we understand, the price of one liter mineral water are already more expensive than the price of bottle of oil.

Currently, there is no expert who deny that water is the source of life for all live creature in the earth's surface. Water is a basic material for the life of every creature living.
In fact if we understand in terms of geography, the human creation of God is not the first, but before all that, the water is the material that was first created long before Adam and Eva down. This we can understand, especially if the previous that the earth was created from the basic water content.


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