Generally, people take medicine tablet or capsule form with the white water. However, not all people consumed white water after eat, and swallowed the medicine with any water what is in the table. Either iced tea, coffee, or juice. There's opinion that the medicine what taken together with tea, coffee, or milk sometimes will make the medicine not work normally in our body. Many experts suggest that we drinking milk, one hour before or after drinking the medicine. That's opinion is true you think? What about the people who have experienced difficulty in swallow the medicine, swallow the medication with the help of fruit (usually banana) or cooked rice?

Basically, take the medicine together with other food or drink can cause the drug interaction effects medication changed. Especially, drink a grapefruit juice can cause a lot of interaction with drug itself and make the drug work not properly. Measure some types of medication can be increased if the juice is drunk, so side effects can occur. Other types of juice that is examined more Cranberry juice, orange, and lime. The other beverages are also not recommended, is milk, tea, coffee, soft drink, and alcohol.

Take the medicine together with certain foods can also make absorb speed in the gut more slowly. However, there is also a type of medication are advised to be supplied with food to improve or prevent the occurrence of stomach irritation. Is the most safe drinking medication with regular white water.


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well yes it is true that it is very advisable to avoid consuming medicine with other than plain water.

Some particles of certain drinks/foods may not be tolerable with the medicine, thus might contribute to irregular chemical reaction =)

I'm terrible at all this - I drink my pills with tea and have stopped drinking so much water...interesting blog man. Thanx for your comment too!

Thanks a lot for the comments. good articles.

Hi mario. Your blog is very nice and full of knowledge

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