Want to decrease heart disease risk?, Just drinking only white water everyday. May be calculated expression is very simple, but that's the result of a study conducted by researchers from Loma Linda University in California.

Research revealed the person who is drinking at least five glasses of water per day more often died due to heart attack compared to the drinking water of less than two glasses per day.

This fact is based on a study involving 8,280 men and 12,017 women with age range of 38 years. Studies for six years, led by Jacqueline Chan, DrPH with colleagues Synnove Knutsen, MD, PhD, noted this occurrence and development of coronary heart disease. Of these 246 respondents died due to heart disease.
Results of study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology is the risk of heart attack on the respondents who drank more than 5 glasses per day is reduced to 41 percent. While the risk of the condition of men that consume other beverages including tea, coffee, juice, milk, alcohol and remain exposed to high-risk heart attack.

According to Chan who drink water will be absorbed into the bloodstream, it can decrease the thickness of blood vessel, so exposed to the risk of heart attack triggered the blood clot will be reduced.

On the other drinks will increase the blood vessel, after the Section of digested material will contain the same concentration of the blood.
Unlike the case with aspirin and alcohol can reduce the risk of heart attack, but along with other health problem, while water are cheap, easy and not dangerous.


Interesting information.
Water is good when compared with alcohol and other stuffs.
Cool blog and keep it up.
Thanks for sharing with us.

yes, water is essential to all living life.
Without water, we are nothing.
Nice blog. keep it up!

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