Although always meet and be seen every day, but it's still a lot of water that benefits a secret we do not know. In fact the water has a lot of property and functions. And, if we learn about what elements in water, we will know if the water is not just for drink, but to complete our body too.

... Water ... water… everywhere there is water, sometimes we have certainly felt disturbed by the rain downpours. Because our own fear that the big rain can be make flood to our house, me too sometimes…hehe... But behind it all, if we can know the secret behind the water, then certainly we will be very thank to god for provide us lot of clean water directly from the sky.

Water is the source of life, without water we cannot life. All that has life will die. Water for human self is the second most important substance after oxygen. Without food we can still live a few days, although the body becomes thin and weak, but without water in a period of several days, people will not survive. This happen because own body itself is 70% comprised of water. When we older, so the water in our bodies will be reduced. This is closely related with the origin of the occurrence of human from the water (like God say in Bible). And the importance of water for our body's various organs, for brains, kidney, heart, blood, and many more.


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