We will always ask ourselves, when we should drink, so that the water we drink is beneficial for our bodies, so that water can provide for our health. For that, there are some things that we need to know.

• Best time for start for drink is in the “morning when we awake”. This is very good for our health. Because after a night our stomach is empty from food and that make the digestion does not work optimally. Habits drinking water in the morning can make the body become fresh, clean and wash the intestine from stomach poison and dirt and other harmful particles. In addition, always consumed water in every morning can make the blood circulation better.
• We recommend that “we drink warm water” an hour before meals, and two hours after meals. This is useful for maintaining the digestive organs to work properly.
• “Do not drink cold water” over a glass while before and after meals. Because will give us the burden on the digestion.
• We recommend that “drink the white water after certain activities” such as sports, work a lot of the sweat, and rest afterwards.
• We recommend that we immediately take the white water (not ice water) “when we are doing the diet” to reduce body weight.
• “Drinking white water is very important to mothers who are pregnant”. Because of the many drinking water will be make the baby grow better.
• Many consumed white water when we sick "for prevent dehydration".


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