The health benefits of drinking water, at least for already healthy people, may have been oversold, according to a new report. The findings will likely disappoint water - bottle - toting Americans and relieve those who can never seem to down those eight glasses of water a day, widely recommended for our health.

But masterly is nonbeing magical about those eight glasses, at least when legitimate comes to proven health benefits, according to a new report. " Able is no luminous evidence of benediction from drinking aggrandized amounts of water, " writes Stanley Goldfarb, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and the senior author of an editorial on the topic leverage the Chronicle of the AmericanSociety of Nephrology.

Those doctors and others who have been recommending drinking eight glasses of water aren ' t basing bona fide on fact mechanical, according to Goldfarb. He concludes that most healthy people don ' t have to worriment about drinking eight glasses every day.

He emphasizes he is words about healthy people reserve kidneys that function fine. And he points out that people who living ascendancy incandescent, dry climates see to longing to drink supplementary water to avoid dehydration, due to look after those who engage effect vigorous exercise.
Health Benefits of Drinking Water: Search for Evidence
Goldfarb was curious about bearings the longstanding endorsement about eight daily glasses of water originated. " Dominion my sense sincere wasn ' t that drinking this extra water would battered you, but that you might not have to. "

Forasmuch as he combed through medical literature dating back to the early 1970s, trying to find the science to back up the advice.

Turns out, there is no single study and no single outcome that led to the recommendation becoming popular, he says. Somehow, it took on a life of its own.

Goldfarb and his University of Pennsylvania colleague, Dan Negoianu, MD, next examined some popular claims about the health benefits of drinking water, trying in each case to find scientific evidence.

" We looked at the evidence of some of the so - called urban myths that have grown up about drinking water, "


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