Since diseases first began to plague the earth, man has continuously looked for the perfect medicine to cure all the sickness. At the same time, man is also looking for a way to prevent all the possible sickness for people to live longer and experience life to the fullest.

These ambitions of man have led to the development of medicine as we know it. Surgeons have become more specialized and expert in very sensitive areas of the human body such as the heart and the brain. These people can now operate without any fuss on a brain of a human or even the live pumping heart of man in the operating room. At the same time, there are also alternative medicines being developed and introduced to the public such as herbal capsules and herbal therapies.

There is one alternate therapy being introduced to the public and being constantly supported by various practitioners. This therapy is practically free, safe and can be done without the help of any specialist. The therapy is called Water Therapy.

Water Therapy is really simple. The person who wishes to undergo water therapy should prepare 1.5 liters of water everyday. The person then drinks them altogether and fasts for at least an hour from any food or drink and that’s it. You may wonder why 1.5 liters. It’s the estimated amount of water you can take so that you body can be cleansed with the use of water. Everyday the water will clean all the toxins found in your body and release them via sweat or urinal excretions.

Before we look into its effects, let’s all consider first the danger of this therapy. People have shown hesitation to this kind of therapy since there is a potential of water intoxication – a fatal disease that can happen from drinking water. This can be prevented by drinking clean waters and give intervals in drinking the whole 1.5 liters. People also showed hesitation since drinking 1.5 liters will make you urinate from time to time. This is true however, with daily intake of water; the body would eventually adjust to the water intake and you can act normally even with the daily intake of 1.5 liters everyday.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits water therapy has to offer. If taken properly, constipation can go away with only one session. Acidity are known to be cured with only two session. Diabetes can be controlled with only seven sessions. Hypertension can be controlled with only four weeks of water therapy, and even cancers are known to be controlled in the same amount of time. If person has pulmonary TB, three months of water therapy should do it. These facts were based on research and experience by followers.

This is actually an amazing therapy. However, if you are seriously ill, make sure to contact your physician first and get their confirmation before chugging down this volume of water. Sometimes there are patients who are advised against drinking too much water as they would be harmful to their own health. But if you’re not a special patient and see no complications in your body, start drinking and see the results in no time. You’ll feel healthier, stronger and cleaner inside and out.


Thanks for your visit and congratulations for your blog... Very interesting!

hello, thank you for visiting my blog
and enjoying it...I always drink very much water and tea also, in the summer 2,5 till 3liters pday because I am diabetic.
I did not realise there is so much to tell about water...thank you for sharing
greetings from holland, Anna

Congratulation man, is a pretty cool blog on water..I'm been drinking at least 2L of water each day and it's so refreshing.

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